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Top 10 Wireless Infrastructure Companies - 2021

Wireless infrastructure has undergone a seismic shift with an overall transition to more online applications today. One of the primary reasons has been the COVID-19 that has upscaled virtual communications more than ever. Undoubtedly, this has accelerated the entry and adoption of multiple wireless technologies in the market that were slowly coming into use before this pandemic.

Of many, 5G, the next-generation wireless connectivity, has captured major attention around the world. Compared with the earlier generations of networks, 5G features greater speed, higher bandwidth, lower latency, and the capability to connect more devices. This is crucial for technologies like VR, IoT, and many more. The remarkable speed upgradation predicts speeds up to 10Gbps that can drive consumers to use 5G as a strong substitute for their regular fast broadband. More interestingly, the low latency will enable 5G to be faster than human visual processing allowing to control devices in near-real-time. This is a great benefit for gamers as high speed and minimal lag best fit the

VR and AR applications and create immersive experiences. Further, as fast-tracked digital transformations are probable to continue, 5G can be the game-changer in assisting in transfiguring common home laptops into robust, cloud-connected enterprise workstations. With its ability to enhance connectivity, 5G is the potential to refine manufacturing sectors with its ability to connect sensors, connected tools, and robots to a private 5G network, yielding smart factories.

On this note, we have compiled this issue of Telecom Tech Outlook to facilitate companies find their required partner to help achieve suitable wireless infrastructure solutions or services for the organization’s growth. This edition lists the top 10 wireless infrastructure solution providers 2021 and top 10 wireless infrastructure service companies 2021. Besides, the magazine comprises valuable insights from industry experts, CIOs, and CXOs on the current trends, technological improvements, and innovations in this space.

We present to you Telecom Tech Outlook’s and Top 10 Wireless Infrastructure Service Companies - 2021.”

    Top Wireless Infrastructure Companies

  • A leading owner, operator, and developer of wireless communications infrastructure with sites nationwide. American Tower Corporation—a leading wireless communications infrastructure provider—is taking up the mantle to become the conduit of the massive digital gap. The company is working with more than 500 wireless internet service providers (WISPs) across the country to offer fast and reliable broadband services quickly, economically, and effectively to the internet-deprived communities

  • Today, through his company, RAN Wireless, Mr. DeCarlo is allowing large enterprises to simplify their operations with its full spectrum of Managed Data Services. Being a full-service fleet management company, RAN Wireless offers a full array of hardware from hard-wired devices to plugin's, dash/cab facing cameras, battery-powered anti-theft devices, vibration sensors, a free mobile app to track your assets and get reports from the field (available in both Apple and Andriod stores online). The company is DOT (Department of Transportation) certified and offers DOT and IFTA Reports, E Logging, temperature sensors, and more.

  • Headquartered in Deerfield Beach, FL, Reel Broadband LLC. specializes in a wide variety of telecommunications construction services, including project management, fiber optic replacement & splicing, aerial & underground construction and engineering & design. With job sites across 14 states and the license to operate in 36 states, today, the Company has emerged as a nation-wide brand with a strong foothold in the fiber optics market. Reel increasingly prioritizes safety, quality construction, and technology—the perfect trio that steers the Company ahead of the market competition. Reel has a proven track record of zero accidents over the past few years owing to its highly effective safety management program and oversight

  • TriStruX combines three independent service providers each having more than 20 years of experience in various domains encompassing general and electric contracting, utility coordination, fiber optics, wireless telecommunications, and project management. TriStruX brings to the table expert and seasoned employees across the board, from the senior leadership through the ground staff. Team TriStruX strives to deliver frictionless services by focusing on proactive maintenance and network visibility that keeps clients in control of their operations. The team takes into account clients’ uniqueness in terms of operations, jurisdictions, and regulations and helps them navigate the processes accordingly

  • Airwavz Solutions

    Airwavz Solutions

    Airwavz Solutions offers solutions for wireless service providers, OEMs, and building owners to resolve wireless coverage and capacity challenges. Its services cover neutral host distributed antenna system solutions, which include site selection and procurement, design and engineering, installation and integration, as well as maintenance and monitoring; carrier centric or neutral host base station hotel solutions; and fiber-optic and microwave small cell front haul and backhaul solutions. The company provides solutions to commercial real estate, universities/colleges, healthcare, residential communities, hospitality, and sports and entertainment markets

  • Baylin Technologies

    Baylin Technologies

    Baylin is a multinational wireless networking company headquartered in Toronto, Canada. With 35 years of experience in product design and supply of revolutionary antennas. It aims to fulfill the needs of its customers by serving as their trusted partner from initial concept to production. With a comprehensive range of cutting-edge off-the-shelf antenna devices as well as custom designed solutions to meet the specifications of its customers in the mobile, cable, and wireless infrastructure sectors, our antennas have become industry benchmarks

  • ExteNet Systems

    ExteNet Systems

    ExteNet Systems designs, builds and operates network infrastructure - primarily using distributed antenna systems. DAS networks by ExteNet Systems are implemented by wireless service providers in a variety of locations and environments

  • Harger Lightning & Grounding

    Harger Lightning & Grounding

    Harger has been supplying solutions to the lightning safety and grounding industries since 1960. It has extensive experience in these industries, including engineering, systems design, product development, and installation. Its engineering department offers design services to engineers and contractors both locally and globally. It works hard to remain on the cutting edge of technology, providing designs in the most recent Autocad format

  • MasTec Network Solutions

    MasTec Network Solutions

    MasTec Network Solutions Inc. provides network deployment and maintenance services for telecommunications projects. It offers infrastructure services, such as network design and planning, network deployment and services, logistics management and warehousing, zero defect program, safety and quality, disaster recovery, microwave engineering, andmicrowave network services and maintenance services

  • Tillman Infrastructure

    Tillman Infrastructure

    Tillman Infrastructure LLC operates as a cellular tower and telecom infrastructure company. The Company invests in and manages telecommunications towers, small cells, and smart city businesses in both developed and emerging markets. Tillman Infrastructure serves clients in the United States