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Top 10 Wireless Infrastructure Consulting/Service Companies - 2020

Millimeter wave and 5G technologies are creating ripples in the telecommunication and wireless sector. With an operational frequency range of 30 to 300 gigahertz, the millimeter wave wireless technology is perfect for Wi-Fi and 5G systems that require short-range, high-bandwidth communications.5G is ushering in a new era of private networks, and improving the performance of IoT and low-latency applications. 5G is also governing the designing of vehicle-to-everything (V2X) wireless systems in cars that offers exchanging information and status data, unprecedented safety capabilities, infotainment, navigation support, and others. Besides, low-power wide-area (LPWA) networks are providing low-bandwidth connectivity for IoT applications, wide range of network area, extended battery life, and are affordable. Also, with work from home being implemented due to COVID-19, Wi-Fi networks have gained momentum as primary high-performance networking technology and are also used for two-factor authentication systems.

In order to assist companies in the task of finding accomplished wireless solution and consulting/service providers, we have compiled this issue of Telecomm Tech Outlook. In this edition, we have listed the top 10 wireless infrastructure solution providers 2020 and top 10 wireless infrastructure consulting/service companies 2020 to highlight the organizations that can escalate the chances of your growth. We hope this issue of Telecomm Tech Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your organization need to foster a workspace driven by robust and efficient technology.

We present to you Telecomm Tech Outlook’s,"Top 10 Wireless Infrastructure Consulting/Service Companies 2020.”

    Top Wireless Infrastructure Consulting/Service Companies

  • Kaiser Associates is a global consulting firm focused on fact-based strategy and implementation. A nearly 40-year-old strategy consulting company, Kaiser Associates has evolved over the years to become the preferred partner to the world’s most admired corporations, private equity firms, and government entities, helping them unlock game-changing growth and productivity opportunities. In essence, Kaiser empowers its clients with its deep sector expertise in the areas of technology, media and telecommunications (TMT), consumer and retail, financial services and payments, private equity and M&A, industrials, and more. When it comes to the TMT space, Kaiser’s wireless infrastructure expertise is truly unmatched in the market.

  • ADDvantage Technologies Group

    ADDvantage Technologies Group

    Addvantage Technologies Group operates through two primary business Segments. Through its Wireless Segment, Fulton Technologies builds and upgrades networks for wireless carriers, tower companies and equipment OEMs. Through its Telecom Segment Nave Communications and Triton Datacom distribute, repair and service a comprehensive line of new and refurbished electronics, boards, switches, phones and hardware for the telecommunications core networks and enterprise industries

  • Horizon Communications Technologies

    Horizon Communications Technologies

    Horizon is a leader in telecommunications infrastructure design, installation, and management in both the US and the UK. We have a deep commitment to excellence in everything we do. The company customers include some of the world’s biggest stadiums, as well as large building and property management companies, telecommunications carriers, data centers and other enterprise-level operations. Horizon is backed by the strength of Solis Capital Partners, who owns an equity interest in the company

  • MasTec Network Solutions

    MasTec Network Solutions

    MasTec Network Solutions (MNS) is a division of MasTec that provides comprehensive services and turnkey solutions for Telecom operators. With the acquisition of QuadGen wireless, MNS is uniquely positioned to offer true and unmatched end to end services to our customers for planning, design, SAQ, construction, material management, integration & RAN Optimization services for 5G, LTE, private LTE and small cells. The telecommunications industry is one of the most dynamic industries in the global marketplace today. Consumer demand, technological advances, and new networking applications continue to fuel a fast-paced business environment. A wholly-owned subsidiary of MasTec, Inc. (stock symbol: MTZ), MNS is a telecommunications infrastructure services company that is well positioned to outmatch the demands of this type of business climate

  • QuadGen Wireless Solutions

    QuadGen Wireless Solutions

    QuadGen is a network and engineering services company, enabling customers to deploy new technologies, improve network capacity, reduce costs and optimize network performance. Our highly-trained staff, in-house proprietary tools and breadth of capabilities enable QuadGen to deliver the highest quality of network improvements that unlock value with velocity and precision. A proven track record of delivering network solutions to the world’s largest Tier 1 telecom carriers, network equipment manufacturers, and the companies that depend on networks to fuel their businesses

  • Sky Packets

    Sky Packets

    Sky Packets was founded in 2007 as a result of a straightforward observation: technology has transformed how people interact with the world and municipalities, business improvement districts, retail stores, property owners and outdoor events are consistently needing to adjust to this interaction. This mismatch led Sky Packets to change the calculus of delivering WiFi Mesh networks and new smart city applications to bridge the interaction between people and public/private spaces

  • Teracom Service

    Teracom Service

    Teracom Services, LCC(VTW) provides high capacity backhaul transport services for mobile services providers, services companies, and government entities. We utilize licensed microwave frequencies to augment and extend seamlessly existing fiber backbones and rings in locations where the economics of deploying fixed-wire media for last-mile broadband connections are unfavorable. Teracom Services is a communications industry leader because we never waiver from our focus on innovation, quality, and safety

  • UTStarcom


    UTStarcom helps network operators thrive by offering their customers the most innovative, reliable and cost-effective communication services. Our “simple network, simple operation” product design philosophy eliminates unnecessary complexity, resulting in greater network performance, flexibility, reliability and security. UTStarcom’s intelligent network solutions enable operators to offer more and better revenue-generating services at lower capital and operating expense

  • Valmont Industries

    Valmont Industries

    Valmont Industries, Inc. (Valmont) produces infrastructure products to support and enrich growing economies around the world. The company also leads the world in water management for irrigation, helping agricultural producers get more production from their land. Valmont is organized around four segments: Engineered Support Structures, Coatings, Irrigation and Utility Support Structures. Since its founding in 1946, Valmont has been driven by passion, integrity, continuous improvement and delivering results. Valmont Industries, Inc. (VMI) is publicly traded on the NYSE

  • VistaCare Communications

    VistaCare Communications

    VistaCare Communications offers its clients a unique perspective on the delivery of digital communications and associated products. Operating at both ends of communication networks means we bring an understanding, clarity of purpose, and proven experience that few North American companies can match. We have helped design, build and support some of the world's most innovative fibre optic communication networks, and at the same time helped organizations take advantage of these amazing communication networks by integrating technology in buildings & spaces to improve communication, safety & productivity