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Top 10 Wireless Infrastructure Solution Companies - 2021

Wireless infrastructure has undergone a seismic shift with an overall transition to more online applications today. One of the primary reasons has been the COVID-19 that has upscaled virtual communications more than ever. Undoubtedly, this has accelerated the entry and adoption of multiple wireless technologies in the market that were slowly coming into use before this pandemic.

Of many, 5G, the next-generation wireless connectivity, has captured major attention around the world. Compared with the earlier generations of networks, 5G features greater speed, higher bandwidth, lower latency, and the capability to connect more devices. This is crucial for technologies like VR, IoT, and many more. The remarkable speed upgradation predicts speeds up to 10Gbps that can drive consumers to use 5G as a strong substitute for their regular fast broadband. More interestingly, the low latency will enable 5G to be faster than human visual processing allowing to control devices in near-real-time. This is a great benefit for gamers as high speed and minimal lag best fit the

VR and AR applications and create immersive experiences. Further, as fast-tracked digital transformations are probable to continue, 5G can be the game-changer in assisting in transfiguring common home laptops into robust, cloud-connected enterprise workstations. With its ability to enhance connectivity, 5G is the potential to refine manufacturing sectors with its ability to connect sensors, connected tools, and robots to a private 5G network, yielding smart factories.

On this note, we have compiled this issue of Telecom Tech Outlook to facilitate companies find their required partner to help achieve suitable wireless infrastructure solutions or services for the organization’s growth. This edition lists the top 10 wireless infrastructure solution providers 2021 and top 10 wireless infrastructure service companies 2021. Besides, the magazine comprises valuable insights from industry experts, CIOs, and CXOs on the current trends, technological improvements, and innovations in this space.

We present to you Telecom Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Wireless Infrastructure Solution Providers - 2021

    Top Wireless Infrastructure Solution Companies

  • CitySwitch is a market leader in unique wireless asset deployment with a long track record developing and managing hundreds of towers on public and private property. The company specializes in scalable network development services, from new tower development to small cell development and collocation. A pioneer in railroad asset development, CitySwitch has successfully developed, managed, and leased hundreds of towers for wireless service providers, governmental agencies, railroad tenants, and others. It holds access to over 40,000 linear miles of railway and guarantees quick and seamless development cycles

  • Associated Telecom

    Associated Telecom

    Associated Telecom is a full-service telecommunications company, offering voice over internet protocol (VoIP) applications including: IP telephony and networking, hybrid and digital telephone systems, Unified Messaging, contact center applications and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). The company also offer telecommunications consulting and management of telecommunications services. They work with client IT staff or consulting team to provide with solutions that are efficient and economically sound. They offer annual reviews of client equipment and service providers to make sure they’re using the right products and providers which best suit the ever-changing needs of their business

  • Blueram Technology

    Blueram Technology

    Blueram Technology is focused on leveraging technology to protect against threats of today. The company offers the latest video security technologies and physical security solutions that help solve security challenges and meet the needs of client application and budget. Additionally, their trained security technicians are experts at servicing virtually any size security application from small, single-site installation, to large, multi-site, multi-location projects

  • CloudPoint


    CloudPoint® is an independent telecommunications Channel Partner representing over 110 telecom carriers, cable companies and Cloud Providers. The company works with SMB and Enterprise-level businesses across Nation. CloudPoint® helps customers reduce their costs by managing IT infrastructure in the most optimal way. They do this by leveraging their industry relationships to find the best rates, and designing custom networks to meet customers’ needs



    Construction & Telecommunications Services (CTS), Inc. is a general contractor with expertise in building and managing commercial properties, providing solutions for complicated communications and technology requirements. Governmental agencies and businesses in communications and the high tech sector rely on CTS to provide contracting services for the more complicated construction projects around the Boston area. Conditioned to work in sensitive and secure environments, the team at CTS is balanced with both expert skills and reliability

  • ECSite


    ECSite software plays a pivotal role during construction, installation and commissioning of Telecom Systems. ECSite provides a cloud-based end-to-end cable, antenna and system sweep/PIM measurement, MoP and trace management solution that makes the entire process virtually error-free.. Using ECSite software, everyday is closeout ready! With the power of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Computer Vision, the engineering team at ECSite is taking automated closeouts to an all new level! ECSite is paving the way for automation at scale

  • Global Voice and Data

    Global Voice and Data

    Global Voice & Data has been providing global telecommunication connectivity and infrastructure solutions since 2001. Throughout the years, the goal is focused on providing quality of service and cost-cutting solutions by addressing the specific needs of each customer individually. With a global presence, the company provides a comprehensive suite of the latest products and services to address the connectivity and technology needed to accomplish client’s business goals

  • MNS Group

    MNS Group

    MNS Group is comprised of Mobile Network Supply, Mobile Network Solutions, and Mobile Network Services. MNS Group and its affiliates provide new and refurbished wireless infrastructure equipment as well as a full suite of network installation and integration services. Their Mobile Network Solutions company provides an array of onsite and remote network services. The leadership team were network operators prior to starting the services company. They work across all technologies and vendor equipment types, with a focus on providing networking end-to-end solutions

  • PCA Technology Solutions

    PCA Technology Solutions

    PCA Technology Solutions was founded in 1994 knowing the IT industry was lacking in companies devoted to the end user. On one end of the spectrum, mass market over-the-counter sales operations, where guidance and support stop at the sales counter, and on the other end, corporate consulting firms which ignore both smaller businesses and individuals. PCA Technology Solutions combines knowledge, experience and a genuine care for the client providing a blueprint for success year after year

  • Two Way Technology

    Two Way Technology

    Two Way Technology has grown to become a leader in two-way public safety and commercial communication systems. With over 20 years experience in the field of electronics, wireless, and radio, they specialize in the design and installation of two-way radio communication systems including P25 systems, microwave systems, DAS Distributed Antenna Systems, and more. The company has a team of highly-trained and dedicated professionals that strive to give customers the quality care they deserve